e-commerce development of agricultural products rapidly drives supply chain finance to a new blue ocean

with the growth of online retail, the e-commerce industry continues to innovate and generate many new models. recently, the beijing industry and commerce university, director of the institute of economics, business riptide in "china supply chain innovation and application of seminar" is put forward, the current agricultural e-commerce in china has formed the network online trading futures, commodities and diverse network of retail and so on, these patterns are common characteristic is closely with financial supply chain integration, to raise funds through a variety of ways. with the development of the market, this part of the future space is very large, so it is necessary to study this part of the ecological chain through the digital supply chain financial model, so as to make its benign development.

agricultural supply chain finance is a relatively weak field, but it is a new blue ocean with huge development space. in the past year, e-commerce has adopted a variety of information technology, such as computer, internet, mobile network, internet of things, big data, cloud computing, block chain, artificial intelligence and other technologies, which are applied in the field of agricultural products e-commerce, and ultimately form the digital agricultural products e-commerce. with the promulgation of rural revitalization strategy, e-commerce of agricultural products life service has been developing rapidly.

according to hong tao, the national logistics hub will be gradually improved in 2019. combined with the basic pattern of "ten vertical and ten horizontal" transportation channels and domestic logistics channels, the country has selected 127 cities, all of which need supply chain access in the operation process. in addition, jingdong cold chain once again online b2b cold chain city matching, and the start of cold chain port in central china, all indicate that the supply chain has entered a new period.

in hong tao's view, at the present stage, the supply chain is transforming and upgrading from the old model to the new model. at the same time, there are many modes of e-commerce innovation, including comprehensive e-commerce, vertical e-commerce, social e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, logistics and distribution supply chain, payment and settlement network finance. "we used to sell what we produced and consume what we sold. now it's the new pull supply chain, where we sell what the market needs and sell what we produce." therefore, in recent years, e-commerce model innovation, especially c2b, s2b, csa, b2b2c, o2o, has a large market space. therefore, the supply chain is currently dominated by the market demand-oriented supply chain, and supply chain finance should pay more attention to it to explore a new model, the new model of digital supply chain finance.

however, hong tao said that in the future, digital agricultural supply chain finance needs in-depth discussion and research. so as to avoid the limitation of single chain group, platform, ecological chain (circle) mode of supply chain. this requires a transition period. in the end, the ideal mode is "digital agricultural supply chain finance" mode.

source: beijing business news