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new regulations to regulate supply chain finance

beijing, july 18 (xinhua) on july 18, the economic information daily published a report titled "strict supervision and regulation of risk prevention bank and insurance supervision of new regulations on supply chain finance". according to the article, a number of recent institutional asset management products with supply chain finance as the underlying assets were exposed problems, which exposed the hidden dangers of upstream and downstream institutions of supply chain finance, and the hidden risks of loan fraud, and the supervision also quickly began to standardize the guidance of this innovative model. the reporter learns from orgnization person place, "the guidance opinion that general office of circ about promoting supply chain finance to serve real economy" (below say "opinion") already issued by circ by the bank recently to each policy bank, large bank, joint-stock bank, foreign capital bank and the organization such as bank, insurance association and orgnization. "opinion" to guide the bank insurance agency standard to carry out the supply chain finance business, specifications supply chain finance business model innovation, strengthen financial risk control of supply chain to make more detailed provisions, including clear to adhere to the comprehensive control risk, and adhere to the real trade background, defend false trade financing, the phenomenon of illegal profits, fiction.

supply chain finance refers to comprehensive financial products and services provided to upstream and downstream enterprises of the supply chain by means of closing capital flow or controlling property rights through accounts receivable financing, order financing, prepayment financing, inventory pledge financing and other professional means centering on core enterprises and taking real trade background as the premise.

the opinions for the first time put forward that the four principles should be adhered to in the development of supply chain finance business, including adhering to precision financial services, taking market demand as the orientation, focusing on supporting industrial chain enterprises in line with the national industrial policy direction, focusing on the real economy, advanced technology and market competitiveness; adhere to the real background of the transaction, and guard against false transactions, fictitious financing, illegal profit phenomenon; insist on the availability of transaction information to ensure direct access to original transaction information and data; we should pay attention to the changes of risks in core enterprises and monitor risks in upstream and downstream enterprises.

in addition, the opinions also put forward five requirements for the overall risk control of supply chain finance. this includes strengthening the overall risk control, strengthening the risk control of core enterprises, strengthening the authenticity review, strengthening the compliance management, and strengthening the construction of information technology system. among them, for the supply chain financing business in which the core enterprise bears the ultimate responsibility of payment, the "opinions" clearly stipulates that it should be fully incorporated into the credit granting of the core enterprise for unified management, and comply with the relevant regulatory requirements of large risk exposure.

although supply chain finance has encountered some problems in the development process, industry insiders said that the release of the opinions shows the regulatory authorities' support for the development of supply chain finance, that is, to encourage banks and insurance institutions to explore and innovate under the premise of norms. zeng gang deputy director of the national finance and development laboratory, said the financial supply chain by along the upstream and downstream industry chain to provide financial services is a good bank acquisition mode, its core enterprises expand upstream and downstream customers, put in small micro enterprises as the main body of the loan into the authenticity of the evaluation of the project, bring small micro enterprise financial services more possibilities, looking forward to the future can continue to improve on the system.

source: xinhua news agency