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solving the financing difficulties of smes: from supply chain finance to industrial chain finance

the whole link from production to consumption constitutes the supply chain, in which all kinds of upstream and downstream enterprises are closely integrated. the better development of the whole chain through financial business is for supply chain finance. at present, there are still many drawbacks in the supply chain financial model, for example, information is difficult to penetrate, credit cannot cover upstream and downstream multi-level enterprises, leading to difficult credit evaluation, high cost, low efficiency, high upstream procurement cost of core enterprises, low downstream payment collection speed, low efficiency of the whole supply chain, etc..

then, supply chain finance development to the present stage to face what difficulties? what is the motivation and effect of supporting msmes' financing? enterprises, fund companies, financial factoring companies and other institutions discussed this topic during the "2019 qingdao · china fortune bbs" held recently. the relationship between msmes and supply chain finance was the key issue discussed at the conference. small and medium-sized enterprises have no collateral and low commercial credit. on the other hand, smes in normal production and operation have a series of important elements of supply chain finance, such as accounts receivable and inventory.

zhang kehui, chief financial officer of shenhua energy, described the relationship between core enterprises and smes in supply chain finance.

zhang kehui believes that supply chain finance is to make credit endorsement to downstream enterprises with core enterprises, but under the background of financial risk prevention, core enterprises are not willing to make endorsement for downstream multi-level enterprises.

"when we came to the dinghy, the supplier would go downstream for three or four times. at this time, the core enterprises may not be willing to endorse such suppliers or dealers." she said the core companies could not judge the authenticity of the transaction because they lacked collateral and credit guarantees.

xiaoli bao, managing partner of qianhai fund, takes a similar view. she believes that the main reason for the slow development of the multi-win business model is that the core enterprises are not strong enough to improve the operating environment of their suppliers. most core enterprises have strong business volumes and supply chain crises are rare.

"another important reason is that there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in china with fierce competition, and supply chain crisis rarely occurs in core enterprises. as a result, core enterprises lack a sense of crisis in supply chain financial management at the strategic level, and are less sensitive to the long-term or indirect benefits that supply chain finance will bring to enterprises in the future." she said.

"when we investigated the shandong corn industry chain, we found that there were many problems in the industry chain, such as production dispersion, asymmetric information between core enterprises and farmers, and imbalance between supply and demand of corn production. after going deep into the industry, we feel we have to get involved in the whole industry to make the added value of the industry." liu zhongxi, general manager of haier financial factoring, believes that the more financial services extend to the back end of the industrial chain, the more contract disputes and legal defects in the process. therefore, it is difficult to obtain financial support at the end of the industrial chain.

"from the supply chain finance dominated by core enterprises, it is gradually transformed into the industrial chain finance for the common upgrading and development of the whole industrial chain, and then further explore the overall and constantly upgrading ecological chain composed of all parties involved in the industrial chain. liu zhongxi suggested.

source: china business news