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xiaoli bao: supply chain finance is an important solution to solve enterprise accounts receivable

"our existing credit system is designed to lend big money to big businesses, not small businesses," he said. "so many small businesses, even if they have real business, cannot meet the credit qualification criteria." bao xiaoli, managing partner of qianhai mother fund and vice president of qianhai ark asset management co., ltd. said at the 2019 china fortune bbs themed "supply chain finance and real economy" on july 7.

xiaoli bao said, how to let the enterprise as soon as possible to get accounts receivable, the important solution is supply chain finance. the reason why we invest in supply chain finance companies is because we find this business model works. small and medium-sized enterprises develop well, it has more funds to invest in research and development, products can do better, core enterprises benefit. the accounts receivable of small and medium-sized enterprises actually happen, and the core enterprises will certainly pay. therefore, if financial institutions invest funds in such assets, the risks can be controlled and the profits can be guaranteed.

xiaoli bao believes that the reason for the slow development of supply chain finance in core enterprises lies in that most core enterprises have strong market positions and are less eager to improve their suppliers' operating environment than suppliers. at the same time, there are many small and medium-sized enterprises in china with fierce competition, and supply chain crisis rarely happens to core enterprises. therefore, core enterprises lack a sense of crisis of supply chain financial management from the strategic level, and are not sensitive to the long-term and indirect benefits brought by supply chain finance to enterprises.

source: caijing