jilin guide industry development fund supports the implementation of "double synergy" development plan-凯发k8天生赢家

jilin guide industry development fund supports the implementation of "double synergy" development plan

jilin provincial government information office held a press conference on july 27, explaining the policy of promoting integrated and coordinated development of jilin province and integrated development of changchun gongzhuling. officials said they will support the implementation of the "double synergy" development plan by guiding the industrial development fund and other policies to accelerate the cultivation of a modern metropolitan area in changji and achieve high-quality development.

in changchun, jilin integration synergy development in jilin province to fight for national industrial transformation and upgrading, and other special funds, guide the development of provincial level industry grants, special funds and take replace subsidies with awards, discount loans, equity investment, subsidies, free of charge, promote the coordinated development of two city advantage leading industries agglomeration; establish the mechanism of argumentation and consultation on major transportation infrastructure in adjacent areas of changchun and jilin cities, give priority to the application of subsidies from the central budget for major municipal public infrastructure projects in the two cities, and promote the implementation of the third phase of changchun urban rail transit project and jilin urban rail transit construction plan; work together to solve prominent ecological and environmental problems.

in addition, promote the sharing of science and technology innovation resources, encourage scientific research institutes to establish science and technology business incubators, and support the construction of science and technology business incubators to achieve innovation; we will set up sub-funds for the integrated industrial development of chang-ji and promote the effective implementation of preferential tax policies for scientific and technological innovation and financial integration. we will optimize the allocation of land resources, tilt land use policies, and implement a preferential land price system.

in terms of the coordinated development of the integration of changchun and gongzhuling, support will be given to the major infrastructure across the boundary between changchun and gongzhuling. promoting integration of public services; compiled by the changchun city into the national spatial plan, industry development planning and special planning, unified industry investment preferential policy, province, city support for key industry class project, in addition, the two cities in the economic cooperation zone joint investment or joint venture of the construction of the project put into production after tax and other benefits such as local fiscal revenue, negotiation between the two cities share interests; we should support the establishment of guiding funds, actively attract social capital, and establish a mechanism for sharing funds for project construction. we will support changchun and gongzhuling cities in establishing development funds and issuing urban construction bonds, and establish various equity investment institutions such as the development equity investment fund, industrial investment fund and venture capital investment fund for economic cooperation zones to serve and support the construction of economic cooperation zones. we will give priority to setting targets for new land use, implement a preferential land price system, and optimize the way land is supplied.

source: china securities journal