a 10 billion yuan emergency industrial fund was set up in tianjin-凯发k8天生赢家

a 10 billion yuan emergency industrial fund was set up in tianjin

tianjin, may 17 (xinhua) an emergency industrial fund worth 10 billion yuan was set up in tianjin sunday. the fund is a special fund for supporting emergency development planned and established by some members of the national emergency industry alliance, aiming to give full play to the role of capital in promoting industrial development.

it is understood that the fund is set up by china european economic and technological cooperation association, china youth venture (tianjin) investment management co., ltd., shenzhen jiuzhou investment and development co., ltd., tianfu fund management co., ltd., yining dingsheng venture capital co., ltd.

according to dai junyang, vice president of china association for european economic and technological cooperation, the emergency industry development fund will mainly support two directions. second, advanced, applicable, safe and reliable emergency products and services.

emergency industry fund will be adhering to the "innovation drive, demand for traction, deep industry" concept, establish a "government guidance, social participation and market regulation mechanism of resource allocation, deepening service emergency industrial park, promote the transition and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in the field of emergency, push the emergency products in key areas of application, rapid formation of emergency the strong pull of industrial development, stimulate the market vigor to the greatest extent.

it is learned that the national emergency equipment sharing platform, tianjin emergency industry information interactive platform and expert support platform was also unveiled in tianjin on the same day.

source: xinhuanet