experts have called for the construction of modern supply chains to help china's high-凯发k8天生赢家

experts have called for the construction of modern supply chains to help china's high-quality economy

xinhua finance beijing may 16 (reporter wang yuxiao yu jiaxin) promote supply chain innovation and development, is to enhance china's competitiveness in the global supply chain, to promote high-quality economic development important starting point. the insiders suggest that the wisdom and strength of all parties should be gathered to carry out theoretical and practical research on supply chain and accelerate the construction of modern supply chain.

in short, the supply chain refers to the whole chain from raw material procurement to production, sales and consumption. supply chain management is an advanced enterprise management mode. it emphasizes that enterprises should focus on key businesses according to their own characteristics, and non-key businesses should be completed by other enterprises in the supply chain, so as to give full play to the respective core capabilities of relevant enterprises, form complementary advantages and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

long guoqiang, deputy director of the development research center of the state council, said at the first meeting of the committee of experts on modern supply chains held by the ministry of commerce on thursday that china has rapidly become "the world's factory" in the past decades due to its integration into global supply chains. driven by technology, system, great power game and other factors, the global supply chain will present many new development trends. china should make good use of opportunities such as overtaking on curves brought by the new technology revolution, enhance the innovation ability of local enterprises, and enhance china's position in the global supply chain.

"resource integration, process optimization and business collaboration in the upstream and downstream of the supply chain can improve the efficiency of resource allocation and improve the quality and efficiency of national operation." wang bingnan, vice minister of commerce, said that according to the estimates of relevant departments, by optimizing the supply chain, enterprises can save about 2 trillion yuan in costs every year and increase labor productivity by more than 15%.

how to promote the construction of modern supply chain? wang qing, deputy director of the market economy research institute of the development research center of the state council, suggested that in terms of policy making, we should handle the relationship between point and line. line to consider how to design key demonstration industry; how to build the entire supply chain network, how to build a unified market, how to improve the policy system.

"in light of the specific requirements and circumstances of china's supply chain innovation and development, we should focus on the pilot cities and create innovation highland for supply chain development, especially promoting the development of supply chain finance. combining the characteristics of consumption center city and manufacturing city, the reform design should be focused on. ching wong said.

to build a modern supply chain system, talent is the foundation. shen zuojun, a professor of industrial engineering at tsinghua university, suggested introducing the most advanced supply-chain management concepts and textbooks into china to train interdisciplinary talents.

supply chains are interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary, wang said, adding that joint research should be carried out to promote the work of modern supply chains, strengthen strategic cooperation with relevant universities and think tanks, and provide intellectual support for the construction of high-quality and high-level supply chains.

source: china financial information network