prof. chen jianzhong: os asset management provides new momentum for enterprise financing and hematopoiesis-凯发k8天生赢家

prof. chen jianzhong: os asset management provides new momentum for enterprise financing and hematopoiesis

under the new economic environment, enterprise restructuring and promoting development has become the only way to comply with market competition. in the process of industrial upgrading and transformation, long-term stable, low-cost and sustainable financial support is needed. however, more realistic problems lie in front of business owners. the bank credit policy is tightened, and the loan interest rate increases year by year, resulting in the high debt ratio of enterprises, and the debt default rate breaks new records repeatedly. in the process of rapid development, enterprises are in urgent need of integrated financing solutions that address both the symptoms and root causes.

on april 25, 2019, professor chen jianzhong from the university of hong kong delivered a keynote speech on "exploration and application of new enterprise financing models" at the second technology innovation board seminar and investment and financing docking summit in shenzhen. in his speech, professor chen listed and analyzed in detail the advantages and disadvantages of conventional financing modes, including supply chain financing, industrial fund financing, equity financing and overseas financing. in a sense, the financing demands of enterprises also directly affect the upgrading of the capital market investment model. enterprises need new financing schemes that can not only reasonably adjust the level of debt and leverage, but also continuously improve their own development and profitability. driven by market demand, a complex investment and financing solution has been promoted and applied by some large domestic investment institutions after fully demonstrated by experts and scholars. this new breakthrough in financing is known in the industry as "os asset management plan", namely overseas financing and global supply chain asset management plan.

professor chen jianzhong believes that providing enterprises with blood transfusion and continuous low-cost financing is an effective way to solve the capital problem of enterprises, but it is a palliative. helping enterprises realize profit increment and obtain long-term, stable and low-cost global credit extension is the fundamental pursuit of enterprise development. os information combining assets overseas financing and the global supply chain management model, not only revitalize the cross-border capital, reduce the pressure on corporate finance, make the enterprise won the overseas low interest rates of financial support, and no new enterprise debt burden, to optimize the structure of corporate debt, maintain reasonable debt levels and increase the purpose of the disposable capital.

in view of the feasibility of os asset management in the application level, entrepreneurs attending the meeting expressed their views one after another. according to the president of a large supply chain company in qingdao, os asset management is of practical significance in solving the problem of how supply chain companies deal with debt and financing. the president of an import and export trading company in shenzhen believes that although os asset management needs to go through a process of practical exploration from theory to application, from a theoretical perspective, os asset management can generally meet the financing and profit growth needs of enterprises of different types and sizes. the integrated financing plan of "hematopoiesis" and "blood transfusion" is the best prescription for the steady development of the enterprise.