haihe industry fund management committee held the 13th meeting-凯发k8天生赢家

haihe industry fund management committee held the 13th meeting

tianjin, march 29, haihe industry fund management committee held the 13th meeting, the meeting by the municipal committee of the standing committee, executive vice mayor, director of the management committee ma shunqing presided over, vice mayor, deputy director of the management committee kang yi attended.

meeting examined and approved a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and biological medicine industry special funds related to the first batch of system files, and a total of 12 clubs in fund set up, mother marked the two types of special fund set up to work into the specific implementation stage, will actively assist the zhuhai intelligent science and technology innovation center, biological medicine industry highland construction.

the meeting pointed out that since the establishment of haihe industrial fund, under the leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, haihe industrial fund has been clear in thinking, solid in work and achieved good results. from a blueprint, haihe industrial fund has been transformed into a parent fund group of 94 billion yuan subscribed by agreement. it plans to drive the scale of projects in tianjin to exceed 100 billion yuan, which is highly praised by all parties.

the meeting stressed that the haihe river industrial fund is overall situation made the major decision deployment of cpc municipal committee and municipal government, social capital is move together, give play to the role of financial leverage important carrier, glorious mission, responsibility, function is outstanding, want to continue to strengthen and strong, experienced, high credibility of large industrial capital and investment agencies and firmly focused on artificial intelligence, biological medicine and new energy materials, accelerate the project to the ground, in the service of the real economy, power play a positive role in tianjin industrial recovery. at the same time, haihe industrial fund shall follow the "rules" of the management committee and the "rules" of the market to ensure its sound operation in accordance with laws and regulations.

the meeting deliberated and studied the establishment plans of other parent funds and the performance appraisal of haihe industrial fund.

source: jiemian news