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bat technology means help small and micro supply chain financial services

as mentioned in the government work report this year, multiple measures will be taken to ease the financial strain on private enterprises and small and micro businesses.

in fact, traditional financial institutions for small and micro enterprises financing also have many pain points, such as high customer cost, limited risk control means, low operating efficiency. in recent years, many fintech companies use technology to help and serve small and micro enterprises from the direction of supply chain finance.

it is reported that tencent and the factoring company leingrong jointly established the micro-enterprise chain platform, which is an open supply chain asset service platform with tencent blockchain and tenpay payment as the underlying technology. through the core enterprise in the chain of blocks on the accounts payable after approval, the forming of creditor's rights certificate, accounts receivable by block chain tamper-resistant, double billing move up to level, through the cover to the end of a long supplier, improve small micro enterprise financing difficulties, financing expensive problems, improve the core ability of supply chain management, the enterprise to the market with low risk and high income financial assets.

according to the data released by tencent, by november 2018, the micro-enterprise chain platform has covered 23 core enterprises, and the transaction amount on the chain is more than 24 billion yuan. it has signed strategic cooperation agreements with 19 banks (including the four major banks, joint-stock banks and urban commercial banks).

ant financial services is to let tens of millions of code business by virtue of receiving money code equipment on the means of digital operation, but also established a set of quantifiable credit data system. alipay cooperates with e-business banks to provide multi-dimensional services, including but not limited to multi-credit, multi-insurance and multi-credit, for small and micro businesses. as long as the running water is stable, small businesses such as pancake shops, small shops and street stalls can also get loans from e-business banks.

it is reported that suning finance focuses on serving core enterprises, upstream suppliers and downstream dealers in the suning ecosystem in its supply chain finance business, fully tapping the capital demand of enterprises in all links of the supply chain, based on advance payment, accounts receivable, inventory, etc.

through the exploration in the past three years, e-business bank has put forward the mode of "310", that is, three-minute loan application, one-second payment and zero manual intervention. on the one hand, small and micro enterprises do not need to guarantee and mortgage, with credit can be loans, on the other hand will be the net commercial banks defective rate control in 1% or so.

source: securities daily