aaron wang, president of international union construction group: using industrial fund to promote industrial transformation and upgrading-凯发k8天生赢家

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aaron wang, president of international union construction group: using industrial fund to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

weak entities do not have strong finance, which is a clear signal from regulators. serving the real economy is the natural duty of finance as well as the fundamental measure to prevent financial risks. in this context, how to give full play to the role of capital guiding in this round of industrial upgrading and financial innovation is an important mission of industrial fund. in view of this topic, we are honored to invite wang taoyu, president of international union construction group, who has rich operation and management experience in the field of industrial fund, to discuss with us the experience and achievements of international union construction group in using industrial fund to promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

hello, mr. wang! in your opinion, how should we use capital to optimize industrial structure and implement the national policy of "disavowal to reality"?

wang taoyu: at present, countries in order to "service the real economy, prevention and control financial risks, to deepen financial reform," three major tasks for financial development core, introduced a number of policies to guide financial support to the real economy, the point is to support new kinetic energy, promote enterprise independent innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, to reduce the real economy, the cost of financing is the direction of optimization services to financial institutions. guojian group leads domestic and overseas capital, famous domestic investment institutions and large foreign institutions, and sets up industrial fund to solve problems in enterprise development and industrial development. we adopt the form of priority after inferiority, the financing party issues industrial fund accounts for 10%-30% of the capital as the inferior post-grade, and the capital of major investment institutions accounts for 70%-90% of the capital as the priority of industrial fund, enjoying a fixed return on investment, which will effectively stimulate social capital investment and solve the financing problems faced by enterprises.

through the practices of international union construction group in the field of industrial funds over the years, what kind of driving force do you think industrial foundations bring to industrial transformation and upgrading?

aaron wang: capital is an important driver of industrial transformation and upgrading, especially industrial funds. the "east wind" of the rise of industrial funds originated from china's supply-side reform and industrial transformation and upgrading, which is different from traditional funds in terms of investment philosophy and business model. the establishment of industrial fund by china national construction group not only provides financial support for enterprises, but also greatly helps enterprises in industrial upgrading, improvement of business philosophy and improvement of management level. for listed companies and quality enterprises that have m&a needs, the role of industrial fund is not only to find and find the target, but also to help enterprises build synergies, realize the synergies of industrial chain and resource integration, and help them achieve industrial integration.

in the face of the complex and volatile economic situation, how do you view the future development trend of industrial fund?

aaron wang: at present, it is in a critical period of industrial structure upgrading and transformation. as one of the main financing methods to support urban construction and industrial development construction, industrial fund shoulders the responsibility of supporting real economy innovation and promoting industrial structure upgrading. the industrial fund set up by international union construction group aims to guide the optimization of fund allocation direction to implement national industrial policies, guide the direction of fund investment to support innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, guide the accumulation of social capital to form capital supply effect, and guide regional flow to coordinate regional economic development. in the future, with the improvement of national policies, industrial funds will become an important means to guide industrial transformation and upgrading, give play to the powerful agglomeration effect and guiding role, help enterprises develop and grow, and realize the takeoff of the national real economy.