president aaron wang: state construction group uses capital and technology to build a new ecosystem of supply chain financial platform-凯发k8天生赢家

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president aaron wang: state construction group uses capital and technology to build a new ecosystem of supply chain financial platform

the slogan of "allowing capital to embrace the real economy" has been in the financial investment industry for a long time. however, it is rare to implement it efficiently. the advent of supply chain finance has further catalyzed the pace of capital support for the real economy. while accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, it has further expanded the layout of the financial investment field. as to how to build a platform for the supply chain financing model, the national construction group, which has just captured the leading brand of china's supply chain financial industry at the seventh china financial science and technology summit, has full discourse power.


how do you do, wang master! first of all, congratulations to the national construction group to be honored as the leading brand of china's supply chain financial industry. i think this honor is also an affirmation to the national construction group in the supply chain financial field for many years. so, what do you think are the problems that need to be solved in the current supply chain financing environment?

wang taoyu: in recent years, with the strong support of national policies, supply chain finance has been widely promoted throughout the country.  however, there are widespread problems in the implementation level.  under the constraints of the traditional financial investment concept, many investment institutions still invest only on a single enterprise on the supply chain, which has little effect on the good operation of the whole supply chain. in addition, the lagging behind of the wind control evaluation system also affects the security of the financing services and the efficiency of capital circulation.

as you have said, supply chain financing channels are not smooth, so that enterprises in the process of transformation and upgrading of the existence of a great hidden risk. in your opinion, how can the national construction group finance the supply chain finance well?


wang taoyu: i understand that supply chain finance should be macro - oriented, to lock the investment vision into the whole supply chain, rather than just stare at a link on the chain. in view of the financing difficulties in the development of every link of the industrial chain, we strive to serve the real economy through capital strength. the financing needs of enterprises are effectively solved through the platform, and comprehensive evaluation is made according to the development performance of the supply chain enterprises and the credit situation of banks, and real-time follow-up is made. we hope to ensure the orderly development of the entire supply chain through platform financing channels. in the in-depth exploration and practice for many years, the national construction group has also helped hebei, shandong, jiangsu and other provinces and cities to solve a series of problems such as the difficulty of supply chain financing, limited financing, poor financing channels and so on.

just now you also mentioned that the current investment institutions are lagging behind the wind control assessment system in the supply chain finance field. in your opinion, is this a common problem in the industry? how to build the wind control system of china construction group?

wang taoyu: in the field of financial investment, the wind control evaluation system should be dynamic, based on the comprehensive assessment of the development potential and operating conditions of the financing enterprises. on the grasp of financing wind control link, national construction group is fully integrated into the analysis of large data operation. through the analysis of the transaction data of the core enterprises and the comprehensive risk assessment of the whole supply chain value, it provides the fund support for the related enterprises with a definite target, and reduces the inventory of manufacturers and dealers on the supply chain in the process of transformation and upgrading. in the financial risk, help enterprises to smooth transition.

in the future, the national construction group will further enhance the financing function, reduce capital cost function and expand scale function in the platform. at the same time, we will expand the scale of our supply chain financial platform in stages. in the next five years, our goal is to achieve the span of supply chain business from 200 billion to 500 billion, to provide stable and sustained financial support for local governments and enterprises, to solve the financing problems fundamentally and to accelerate the process of industrial optimization and upgrading.