international union construction group and cctv securities information channel jointly issued the securities talent training system-凯发k8天生赢家

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international union construction group and cctv securities information channel jointly issued the securities talent training system

with the vigorous development of the financial securities industry in china, as a core industry talent demand increasingly intense, for financial talent selection, hatch and cooperation to establish systematic and standardized system. on december 10, 2017, international union construction group and cctv securities information channel jointly issued the financial securities talent training system in beijing. countries build group president wang taoyu, cctv securities information channel, deputy chief editor xingjinghe, minmetals capital co., ltd., deputy general manager and other related leaders and head, mr as well as representatives of the securities industry, experts and scholars, media reporters attending the event.

the release of financial securities and securities information talent cultivation system is based on cctv channel the national authoritative media, combined with the construction group professional asset management team and strong financial support, to provide financial securities talent set branding, performance verification and evaluation, learning, communication, investment and financial support for the integration of integrated services.


president of international union construction taoyuspeech

wang taoyu president, said international union construction group is an investment as the main body of the international joint-stock group enterprise, adhering to the financial, infrastructure, securities, trade, culture as the core of the "five one" development model, interact with each other, complementary advantages. among them, the securities sector has become an important investment direction for international union construction group to collect capital advantage, resource advantage and team superiority. countries, makes every effort to the steady, scientific, professional, rigorous investment idea in the field of investment further high-value, through play its power, contribute to the sustained and healthy development of china's securities industry.

as one of the securities investment industry national authoritative media, china central television (cctv) presentation of securities information channel is the most authoritative most industry, the strategy research of mainstream media, financial and economics for many years to build the platform, open channels, cultivating market, hatch talent, trying to realize own ideal and pursuit for securities talents pave, between international union construction group of the development vision, contributed to the construction of securities talent cultivation system.


wang xiaodong, deputy general manager of minmetals capital co., ltd. (former left), wang tao-yu, president of international union construction group (former center), cctv securities information channel host and producer meng yi (right), came to the stage to cut the color.

countries build group securities sector long-term focus on efficient rigorous research strategy and talent cultivation of advanced concepts, has an experienced and dynamic research team, covering investment, research, risk control, trading, marketing services, such as the background support each department. in quantitative investment strategies, international union construction group for research team used the most advanced financial science and technology, combined with global market long-term quantitative investment experience, for customers to create a sustainable, steady and substantial wealth. in value investment strategy, international union construction group stick to value investment, rational investment, through the foresight of macroeconomic research, categories of asset allocation from top to bottom, through in-depth and meticulous research, industry and company bottom-up investment targets, ultimately through the top-down and bottom-up docking to verify the effectiveness of the investment strategy, sustainable promotion team for research capability, provide investors with more high quality investment opportunities.

the built by the group and china central television (cctv) presentation of securities information channel to build the talent cultivation system with the highest value, is famous for its largest and strongest support, aims to build the financial securities industry talent development, evaluation, training and service standard system, funding industry talents, team, resources, services and support, suggests that the construction group is committed to cultivating talents, and financial securities service in the field of securities investment is a monarch soil attitude and determination.