international union construction group and hebei ningjin county government reached the cooperation of the north china high-凯发k8天生赢家

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international union construction group and hebei ningjin county government reached the cooperation of the north china high-tech industrial cluster park

today, china has ushered in a new normal of economic development, and regional industrial clusters are the only way to upgrade the industrial structure in china. industrial clusters have a crucial influence on whether a region can exert the maximum capacity effect and whether the enterprise can go to the international market. international union construction group has been committed to the development research and investment practice of chinese industrial clusters, and has made great efforts to make greater contribution to local economic development.

on august 10, 2017, international union construction group and ningjin map government to build the high-tech industry cluster zone of north china cooperation agreement, this agreement will be completed in succession in the future for high and new technology industry cluster zone of north china's infrastructure investment and industry investment, rolling investment amount is expected to exceed 30 billion yuan. this cooperation, international union construction group and ningjin map government efforts to build large-scale high-tech industry cluster zone in north china, the park centered on bio-pharmaceutical industry, extending the medical biology research and development, the third-party logistics, and product traceability, etc, comprehensive incubator park has the high quality of condition of listed enterprises listed, build system of perfect industry chain, to actively participate in international competition in the market.


aaron wang, president of international union construction group, visited a number of large demonstration enterprises in the area accompanied by leaders of the county party committee, tang shuyuan, county chief li xiaoping and other leaders. during the investigation, wang tao-yu, the president, said that ningjin county has obvious geographical advantages and convenient transportation. rich in natural resources and human resources, it has great advantages in preferential policies and investment environment, with broad prospects for development and huge potential for development. the relatively perfect local infrastructure and the clear industrial structure also laid a solid foundation for the development of industrial clusters in the future. it is hoped that the north china hi-tech industrial cluster park, jointly established with the government of ningjin county in the future, can give full play to the advantages of the two sides in the fields of resources, technology, capital and policy. international union construction group will also provide a scientific and feasible planning scheme in terms of infrastructure investment, industrial planning and equity investment promotion, in combination with the development experience of investment industrial cluster park projects in recent years. building group and at the same time, as the president of wang taoyu, countries ningjin map the correspondency of cooperation include many of the government, in construction, industry layout, has highly market-oriented operation and industry chain to build consensus, make group hopes to build high-tech industry cluster zone of north china contributing to greater ningjin local economic transformation and upgrading, believe that this will be a "win-win" cooperation.

the construction group as a company dedicated to the internationalization of investment and construction of industrial cluster group joint-stock enterprise, for many years to focus on the exploration and practice how to apply group advantage resources and experience to promote the development of regional industrial economy. in scientific theory research and execution ground level for a set of standardized investment system, for the regional economic development in order to "invest in infrastructure, investment and equity investment industry" as the core of "3 d" service, through the formation of industry cluster zone, area enterprise in the international market competitiveness, promote regional economic development. in the future, the group will also with the domestic many provinces, the construction industry cluster district government to carry out more cooperation, at the same time to expand our business to the overseas market, to more countries and regions will add momentum to the economic development.