aaron wang, president of international union construction group: the development of county economy driven by industrialization and urbanization-凯发k8天生赢家

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aaron wang, president of international union construction group: the development of county economy driven by industrialization and urbanization

the party's 16 big first proposed the "county" and "the county economy, the concept of" first "promoting the industrialized operation of agriculture, increase farmers to enter the market organizational degree and comprehensive benefit of agriculture. develop agricultural products processing industry, strengthen county economy "call. since then, "county economy" has been incorporated into the national economic construction and economic system reform. the third plenary session of the sixteenth central committee further stressed the importance of "developing county economy", and china officially entered the era of county economic development. the 18th national congress of the communist party of china has put forward that china's economic and social development has entered a new stage. the county occupies more than 80% of the country's population, must adjust the industrial structure, promote the county economy fast and good development. international union construction group follows the steps of the party organization, deeply implements the spirit of the 18th national congress, and contributes to the development of the county economy. in this interview, wang tao-yu, president of international union construction group, will share with us the experience and achievements of international union construction group in promoting the development of county economy.


reporter: wang zong, hello, thank you for accepting our interview! xi jinping, the general secretary of xi jinping, once said, "the key to a well-off life is not to be well-off." as a comprehensive economic system integrating urban and rural areas, the county economy is the basic level and basic cell of the national economy, which is also the "short board" problem facing china's economic transformation. what areas do you think should be emphasized in the development of county economy?

aaron wang, president of international union construction group: i have carefully studied the book of xi jinping's "deep knowledge and love", which has brought me profound inspirations for the discussion and practice of the county economy. i believe that to realize the rapid development of county economy, we must take industrialization and urbanization as the main driving force. one is to speed up the new industrialization development, take the market as the leading factor, adjust measures to local conditions to develop cultivation of competitive industries, the integrated use of market mechanism and policy, to promote enterprise agglomeration and industry cluster, stimulate the vitality of the county economy development. as the leader of county economic development, industrial park has already become the main carrier of opening up and attracting investment, and it is also one of the important platforms for developing new industries and promoting industrial agglomeration. the building group in the construction of industrial park planning, according to county advantage and local enterprise needs to optimize industrial park planning and layout, construction is characteristic of the county industrial park, so as to meet the diverse industry county development requirements. second, steadily push forward the new urbanization, industrialization and urbanization is a mutually promote and promote the development of the process, through the industry gathered efficiency leading labor transfer from agriculture to industry, not only improve the quality of the county person, the more will promote transformation and upgrading of regional industry, drive the county by industry project development, attract more capital into the infrastructure construction such as traffic, communication, improving location advantage, promote the local market expanding of the total and the upgrading of consumption structure, thus the potential location advantages into real advantages, realize county in such aspects as economy, education, culture, science and technology, the rapid development of break the urban-rural dual structure, to promote coordinated development of the workers and peasants, urban and rural, finally realizes the county economy smoothly and orderly, healthy and rapid development.

reporter: i can feel from your statement, international union construction group in the practice of the county economy development for many years has established complete guiding ideology and the operation mode of the mature, do you think of in the process of actual operation need to pay attention to what issues?

countries build group president wang taoyu: first, to combine with the development of characteristic economy development of county economy, insist on the unity of resources development and market demand, find the focus of local characteristics and market docking. secondly, we should promote the construction of towns and cities at the core of the county, improve the function of integrated services of towns and cities, and promote the transfer of rural population and township enterprises to towns. thirdly, under the new normal, we should implement the strategy of innovation-driven development, attract technology and innovation enterprises to move in and gather, and build new engines for county economic development and foster new drivers of development.

reporter: how do you think the rise of county economy will affect china's economic transformation and development?

aaron wang, president of international union construction group: the county economy is the joint point between the urban economy and the rural economy, and shoulders the strategic mission of promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the national region. only through the "two-wheel driven" industrialization and urbanization, focus on the real economy, improve the level of new urbanization, industrial park as the carrier to build ecological industry chain, industry cluster and industry, will produce, city, people, integration development, to promote the development of county economy to realize the new breakthrough, creating new opportunities to the development of china's economic transformation.