aaron wang, president of international union construction group: innovation-凯发k8天生赢家

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aaron wang, president of international union construction group: innovation-driven county economic development
under the new normal, innovation has become the key factor of county economic transformation and upgrading. for this reason, the general office of the state council recently issued a number of opinions on the development of county innovation driven development, and put forward the overall requirements and key tasks for the innovation and development of county areas. how to implement innovation-driven county economic development has also become a problem that international union construction group must solve in county investment and construction.

countries build group president wang taoyu said that for a long time, major scientific and technological achievements focus on the national level, and county development of innovative talents loss, industry low-end, backward technology, old management mode and other problems. come on stage, the "opinions" will strengthen effective link technology and the county's economic and social development, is advantageous to the crack county innovation long existing problems, also for international union construction group in county investment construction and industry development provides policy guidance and support.


how to foster new industries?

the growth potential of emerging industries is huge, occupying the high ground of economic and technological development in the future, but it is easy to make the new industry a flash in the pan regardless of the local reality. aaron wang, president of international union construction group, pointed out that industrial innovation must not be a source of water and wood. the cultivation of science and technology innovation industry must combine with the local existing advantage endowment to realize the graft fusion. countries building group, adjust measures to local conditions to integrate local core industry, around the core industry of business model innovation and breakthrough, with high-tech and green environmental protection industry as the basic industry positioning, increase the internet, the internet of things such as promotion and application of new and high technology, promote agricultural tourism and leisure, education, culture, health and health care industries such as depth of fusion. supporting services in the zone, the group has established the perfect innovation business incubation system, and provide enterprises with a complete set of enterprise management consulting services, in the key innovation enterprise and deemed high and new technology enterprise, the selected a batch of excellent assets, high technological content, good growth, basic qualifications listed companies as listed companies focus on cultivating. in the end, with the key innovation enterprise as the main impetus for the construction of the upstream and downstream industry chain, lack of swallow the enhancement in the industrial chain and the weak link in enterprise, to point with surface, realize the industrial agglomeration effects, leading the industry transformation and upgrade of the county economy.

how to attract creative talent?

"talent first" is one of the basic principles proposed in the opinion. the county and township areas are difficult to retain talents because of economic development and infrastructure. countries building group in the beginning of the industrial park construction in city "fusion" is the development idea, draw lessons from international successful experience "industry city" construction, make full use of the internet of things in the park, big data, cloud computing and other high and new technology, the industrial park into a set of industry, commerce, communication, life in a new type of intelligent city, radiating and driving county infrastructure construction level at the same time, to push the urbanization of the county, to attract science and technology innovation, system innovation, business model innovation and other kinds of innovative talents to the county business, a growing innovative talent team.

aaron wang, president of international union construction group, said that in the past, professional towns, professional counties and "goose economy", which were born in the wave of innovation and development, have transformed the whole county economy. in the future, the county economy should take the fast train of innovation and development, so as to promote the rise of the scientific and technological innovation industry and the healthy development of the real economy, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the national economy.