international union construction group promotes enterprise cluster development to explore new future of county economy-凯发k8天生赢家

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international union construction group promotes enterprise cluster development to explore new future of county economy

local enterprises plays an indispensable role in the county economy, strengthen county economies must vigorously develop local enterprises, to maintain strong county economy development, local governments at all levels in stepping up efforts to foster efficiency good, there is potential advantage enterprises, promote the county industry agglomeration and rapid growth, explore new future county economic development.

countries build group president wang taoyu pointed out that the development of county economy in the three problems restricting the development of local enterprises, the first is the financing difficult problem, the county finance way too single, relying too heavily on fixed asset financing, local enterprises direct financing channel not free, its cash flow is insufficient, hinder the regional economic scale; secondly, due to the decentralization of enterprises in the county area, the general scale is relatively small, so it is difficult to form the industrial agglomeration effect, which is bad for the direct guidance ability of the industry. third, the county to enterprise's investment promotion and capital introduction to stay in the traditional mode, lack of overall and systematic screening of investment mechanism, result in unable to build a complete, efficient and industry ecosystem, enterprise development, more impossible to the leading role of county economy.


aiming at the problems encountered in the economic development of these counties, international union construction group has developed a set of effective solutions to promote the aggregation and development of local enterprises through the construction of industrial parks. countries build group to break the government at the county level platform dependent on fixed assets financing patterns, providing long-term, sustainable, low-cost funds support, build infrastructure industrial park, not only in transportation, energy, communication, etc, enhance the level of county infrastructure, and on the basis of industrial park and business requirements and characteristics of providing personalized, diversified intelligent service platform. in the process of investment promotion and capital introduction, international union construction group, adjust measures to local conditions to guide industry development, consolidation and development of the local core industry, for the high quality enterprise participation, follow up, risk investment subsidies, investment and financing guarantee security, supplement the lack of industry and enhance the core industrial chain and weak links, improve the enterprise's capital supply, solve the problem of enterprise investment funds from the source, and form a complete industry chain, so as to ensure the sustainable and healthy operation of enterprises, promote the overall long-term development of industrial cluster, a driving force for the sustainable development of county economy.

construction group built wang taoyu group president stressed that countries will not just industrial park as an industry gathering place, but in radiating and driving the surrounding counties and townships region industrial park as the center, gradually integrate industry, urban and ecological functions, build new wisdom city, accelerate the realization of the leap of county urbanization new shift, eventually to promote china's fast developing county economy equilibrium.