international union construction group promotes the financial return to the source of the accumulation of real economic momentum-凯发k8天生赢家

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international union construction group promotes the financial return to the source of the accumulation of real economic momentum

the real economy is the foundation of financial development. without this foundation, finance will take off from reality. financial return to the origin, therefore, international union construction group service entity economy as the starting point and the foothold, improve service efficiency and level, to better meet the financial needs of the entity economic diversification.

at present, china is in the critical stage of economic transformation and upgrading, and financial capital needs to focus on the key areas and weak links of economic and social development. countries build group around the center, the service general situation, for financial promote beijing-tianjin-hebei infrastructure construction, all the way "area" cultural exchange and industrial upgrading, and many other countries in the field of strategic development, give full play to the group financial building, infrastructure, security, energy, culture, the five business sector linkage effects, more targeted service entity economic development.

国建集团推动金融回归本源 积聚实体经济发展动能

in comply with the demand of economic development and national policy direction in the process of international union construction group is also actively innovative financial services, based on regional development space, industry layout, construction of medium and long-term capital supply way for the local innovation, combined with regional development positioning of the distinctive financial services. countries build group for funds, information technology planning and trust, and other product type optimizes the allocation of financial resources, more effective to put money into local production and business operation activities, provide strong financial support for the real economy development.

while raising the consciousness of financial innovation, the accompanying financial risks cannot be ignored. countries, strictly follow the laws and regulations and regulatory requirements, legal compliance management, in view of the real economy development of the frontier and key areas of investment constantly improve risk control system, improve the level of risk control. from the early stage of the due diligence to vote after the track, international union construction group throughout the course of the investment project risk management in strict accordance with the standard and process operation, risk control system of illegal investment projects, to protect the interests of all parties, guard against all kinds of financial risk.

serving the real economy is the foundation of financial industry. countries build group will always around to better service the real economy development the subject for scientific innovation, pragmatic innovation, the product, service, risk control multi-dimensional innovation path to improve the financial service ability, rich financial products system, continue to promote the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure and realize the old and new kinetic energy conversion, meet the needs of the new economic main body and the project for the financial, strongly promote the development of economy and society.