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equity investment
except for the legal person of international union construction group investment subject, no other individual or institution has the right to sign the investment agreement with the project party on behalf of international union construction group. international union construction group does not charge any fees other than investment returns and management fees during the investment process.
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international union construction group closely follows the national economic development strategy and delves into the topic of healthy and high-quality development of the whole people in the new era, which will promote the development of high-growth and high-quality enterprises through industrial investment and securities investment to meet the financing needs of enterprises. relying on china-hong kong stock exchange, international union construction group invests in enterprises to service the development of the big healthy industrial chain that from manufacturing、services to consumption. in securities investment, international union construction group invests various assets that include shares, bond, fund and derivatives. international union construction group invests enterprises through the capital market to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry and make a contribution for china's economy.

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big health industry investment · big health manufacturing

relying on deep integration of information and understanding of investment, international union construction group invests in big health manufacturing segment which has high growth, such as chemical pharmacy, medical devices, biological products and traditional chinese medicine. through the advantage of industry network and resources, international union construction group integrates the resources of government, industry, education, research and capital, as well as adoptes the mixed investment mode and flexibly designs the transaction structure and exit scheme, which will promote value-added services for enterprise in big health manufacturing.

big health industry investment · big health service

international union construction group invests in big health service which is an important part in the big health industry cluster. through an active, predictive and creative investment model, the group comprehensively covers health service networks such as medical services, circulation of medicines and medical devices, tripartite medical services, health management, rehabilitation and old-age care. group insists on systematic operation in investment、risk control and management and builds a professional investment team, as a result, scientific investment ecology formed. upholding the idea of financial service entity, the group uses the power of capital to promote the industrialization of big health service achievements, and contributes to the development of china's real economy, the construction of big health industry clusters, and the transformation and upgrading of big health service industry.

big health industry investment ·big health consumption

with the development of national economy and the increase of residents' income, health consumption has become an important trend of modernization. consumers actively pursue a quality lifestyle to promote the formation of new industries, new formats and new models of the health consumption industry. in response to the call of the times, international union construction group focuses on the big health consumption, grasps the new consumption track, actively distributes investment opportunities in medical beauty, fitness and leisure, health care products and other subsectors, which will meet consumers' needs for big health consumption and services. the positive downstream promotes the upstream development of the industry to form a virtuous upstream and downstream circulation and interaction mode of the industrial chain, which will provide a solid foundation for the overall upgrading of the health industry cluster.

stock investment in big health industry

international union construction group invests in stock market with scientific policy-making, winch includes professional asset tools and industrial thinking. relying on advantages of equity investment, the group actively lay out the stock targets related to the big health industry, which are in line with the national unified market economic transformation and structural adjustment trend; taking the related industry indexes of big health industrial clusters as the main investment force, the group will actively adjust the allocation ratio of each sub-segment leading stock according to the economic structure, market environment, policy orientation and changes in the international situation. on the basis of taking advantage of the β of the big health industry, we actively pursue the enhancement of the α of blue-chip stocks through concentrated investment, which will help promote the overall development of the big health industry cluster and enhance the liquidity of industrial capital.

bond investment in big health industry

the bond market plays an important role in promoting the transformation of the national economic structure which make all parts of the entire financial system better coordinate with each other, so as to effectively improve the efficiency of the financial market and play the fundamental role of the financial market in resource allocation. international union construction group plays the role of bond financing and enhances the support of bonds to the big health field, guides and encourages bond issuing enterprises to raise funds with high quality, which will expand the financing channels of corporate into a high level.

investment of the great health industry fund

through diversified fund portfolios such as hedge fund, special opportunity fund and equity direct investment fund (the linkage form of industry and securities investment), international union construction group is becoming an excellent fund manager in the stock market. the group focuses on the big health fund ecosystem and is committed to delivering high-quality capital to china's medical and health industry. in terms of investment and research, the investment team has the professional study of macroeconomic, the ability of fund rebalancing allocation and the special market research. in the investment decision-making process, the team has the academic ability of qualitative and subjective analysis, and the risk control attitude of carefully smoothing fluctuations and secondary risk dispersion, which will promote the high-quality development of related enterprises, as well as quick the pace of industrial upgrade.

financial derivatives investment in the big health industry

in addition to the traditional forms of securities investment of stocks, bonds and funds, international union construction group covers all kinds of financial derivatives related to big health industry at home and abroad, to realize risk hedging and no active exposure. under a series of systems, such as the guidance of a standardized, the system of open and transparent publication, the safety system with controllable risks, and a co-integration development system that matches the real economy, international union construction group invests in warrants, stock options and convertible bonds of high-quality enterprises in the big health industrial cluster. the purpose of the group actively participating in derivatives investment is to optimize the capital structure of big health industry, promote the complete development of related derivatives markets and realize the pareto optimal state of resource allocation.